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Airbnb Experience Design Internship as a KPCB Design Fellow


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During the summer of 2018, I joined the Marketing Dynamics Team, specifically Pricing Insights and Tools at Airbnb as an Experience Design Intern. I was responsible for designing a tool to help hosts find their “best” (in their eyes) market comparisons, to compare themselves accurately and help calibrate themselves to their competition in order to price effectively.

I took the problem from a broad idea to high-fidelity designs and developed a prototype in Swift that would be used for usability testing. The end result was new research findings, insights, and recommendations for the team. 

I had the opportunity to work collaboratively with many designers, engineers, data scientists, and reseachers. Further, my phenomenal mentor, Clara Lam, challenged and supported me to grow as a designer and a person as a whole.  I refined and learned more about interaction design, product thinking, design thinking, design proceses, and technical prototyping.  Most importantly, I learned how to tackle big problems that the team is facing from a user-centered point-of-view while incorporating a wealth of research.  

Feel free to contact me to discuss more about the project!